This weekend, an email to Stranger HQ accused certain hippies at the Fremont Solstice Parade of marching around and dancing in "blackface."

But it's hard to imagine hippies dancing in blackface at the annual Solstice Parade—not that hippies can't be day-to-day racists, but hippies parading their racism for other hippies at the Fremont Solstice Parade? That sounds dubious. But let the evidence speak!

The email:


Wasn't sure which category this best fell into, but attached is a photo of a group of dancers in blatant blackface at the Fremont Solstice Parade. They were dancing to drum music and some of them were even waving spear-like weapons. No one booed them. I guess I don't want to be alone in my outrage.


The photo:

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The response to my follow-up email to Tessa Hulls from the Fremont Arts Council:

Hi Brendan,

I don't have a huge amount of information on these guys, and I didn't actually see their ensemble performance during the Parade, so I can't directly respond to their act. What I can tell you is that on their registration form, the group was called "Dothraki" (which, wikipedia informs me, is a Game of Thrones/George R.R. Martin reference), and their ensemble description was, "There will be a crew of painted individuals walking the streets of Fremont. Men and women alike." I'm cc'ing our Parade Director...


From the Game of Thrones Wiki:

The Dothraki are organized in nameless clans known as khalasars, led by a single leader, the khal. The khalasars inhabit the Dothraki sea, and cross it to raid neighboring regions, such as Lhazar to the southeast or the Free Cities to the west. The Dothraki respect force and live by taking what they need including supplies, slaves and valuables. There is no Dothraki word for thank you and they view trade as an exchange of gifts.

The poll: