Joel Connelly reports: "The Mormon contingent in Seattle's Pride Parade on Sunday will dress in classic missionary attire of shirts and ties, over which marchers will be wearing 'Approve Referendum 74' t-shirts." Marching alongside them: Catholics for Marriage Equality.

The Mormon Church and Catholic Church have been using gay marriage as a wedge issue for years. If this was really about preserving marriage, they would have been campaigning to criminalize divorce, right? But that's not the issue. Just like Rove and GW Bush, they've been counting on an electorate that's more opposed to gay rights than supportive of them. And each of their victories gave them electoral and moral authority to pursue even broader right-wing agendas (electing conservative politicians, restricting contraception, banning abortion, fusing state and church). They tried—successfully—to use gays as scapegoats for their divisive strategy.

Now they're now seeing their divisive strategy play out.

It's dividing their own churches. Mormons and Catholics marching in defiance of their hierarchy, while others are leaving their churches over this issue. And voters are breaking the wrong way for them, too. Most Americans support gay marriage—and the numbers keep growing every year.

So the pious hatemongers can keep it up. Keep fighting gay rights; we'll watch our support grow bigger and your churches grow smaller.