Kathryn Olson, director of the Seattle Police Department disciplinary office, has decided to begin an investigation into possible misconduct by officers at a Capitol Hill protest in which cops pepper-sprayed numerous people, according to a city source. While anyone can file a complaint with this police division, called the Office of Professional Accountability, this case was triggered by Olsen herself in response to growing complaints about the officers' behavior among the public and in the press.

As we've reported (here, here, and here), many witnesses say that police used excessive force against nonthreatening protesters and participants in a late-night dance party that took the the streets around the Pride festivities.

(Update at 6:05 pm: SPD spokeswoman Renee Witt confirms that an investigation has begun. But, on the other hand, that means that SPD will no longer comment on the case because it's under investigation. Very clever.)