John Fugelsang Sends His Congrats to Mary Cheney


I suppose Dan, if you were there, would have spoken up if Mary and Heather's vows contained "... and if anyone can show just cause why these two..."
Do we realize that WaPo article linked is from 2004?
@2 your point being?

It's almost enough to make one wish for Heather to get hit by a bus, see the hospital roundly abuse a sobbing Mary's spousal rights, and watch the ensuing shitstorm in the media. Almost.
As one who grew up there: Fuck the Commonwealth!
More proof that citing Cheney as a supporter of marriage equality is ridiculous and doing so should disqualify you from further participation in the discussion.
The only problem with Fugelsang's theory is that until last month it also applied to Barack Obama. Obama needed (still may need?) the homophobe vote. This doesn't put the Cheneys in a favorable light AT ALL but it should highlight the capricious nature of political friends/foes: more or less they are ALL full of shit.