The city has reached a $150,000 settlement agreement with 23-year-old Martin Monetti Jr., the man who Seattle Police Officer Shandy Cobane famously threatened to “beat the fucking Mexican piss out of you, homey.”

It's not all happy endings, though. Here's where the Seattle Times article gets interesting:

While attorney Lorena Gonzalez said the settlement was "a good result" for her client, Martin Monetti Jr., she said the city and Seattle Police Department seem incapable of admitting that the comment was discriminatory or indicative of "a culture of biased policing" against minorities.

"I think the Seattle Police Department needs to acknowledge when they make a mistake and I'm not sure they're capable of doing that," said Gonzalez.

When Gonzalez deposed the officers involved in the incident, she said "all of the responding officers who were white saw absolutely nothing wrong" with the comment, while the sole officer of color on scene that night was the only one to characterize it as a racial slur.

City Attorney Pete Holmes responds: “The City has consistently maintained that Officer Shandy Cobane’s use of language was unacceptable and unprofessional, having no place in policing. However, my duty to defend the City’s treasury and its employees required a vigorous defense when presented with the $750,000 claim for damages asserted by Mr. Monetti,” said Holmes, noting that attorneys’ fees alone could easily exceed the amount of the settlement. “As the negotiations with the Department of Justice continue, we aspire to police conduct that goes well beyond the constitutional minimums at issue in this lawsuit.”