Updated with remarks from the Regal Entertainment Group about "inappropriate comments from an usher" at the theater. Originally posted on Monday at 5:26 pm.

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A movie theater company is apologizing after a man named Jorge, who attended a recent showing of Prometheus, got a politically charged spoiler alert from the employee who was tearing his tickets. "I have to warn you," Jorge recalls the employee telling him and his guest. "Halfway through the movie, the main female character will perform a self-induced abortion."

Noomi Rapace, the one in the middle, gives herself an abortion in the movie, according to a movie theater employee. The fetus is an alien.
  • Noomi Rapace, the one in the middle, gives herself "an abortion" in the movie, according to a movie theater employee. The fetus is an alien.
This happened at Regal Cinemas Thornton Place Stadium 14 in Seattle. "I asked some other people entering the same auditorium if the same guy had warned them about the contents of the movie, and they said he did," says Jorge, who asked that we not use his last name.

He immediately complained to the manager. Although the manager reportedly said there was no political agenda on the cinema employee's part, Jorge sees it differently: "I totally disagree." He can't explain why else the employee would reveal a key development of an R-rated movie's plot.

Fed up by the management's inaction at the June 18 showing, Jorge then complained to Regal Entertainment Group, the national chain that owns the Thornton Place theater. He says they "sent me two free tickets, and no explanation was given as to why this had happened. I sent back their tickets."

But Regal has now replied to The Stranger.

"The local theatre staff did report a complaint about inappropriate comments from an usher to guests," Regal Entertainment Group spokesman Russ Nunley says via e-mail. "I can’t discuss individual personnel matters publicly, but rest assured that a negative experience like this is taken seriously."

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Nunley adds that "Regal certainly is apologetic" and says that the company has "further reminded theatre staff what is and what is not proper dialogue with our guests."

Previously, The Stranger contacted Thornton Place theater manager Jeff Loewen, who said company policy barred him from speaking to the press. "I can't say anything about it," Loewen said when asked about the incident. He added, "There is no one at the theater level that you could talk to, and anyone at the corporate office wouldn't know about it." That is to say, the people who knew what happened couldn't speak, and the people who could speak didn't know what happened.