On June 25, Judge Joan Zeldon of Superior Court in Washington, D.C., ordered Dean to pay the defendants’ “fees and costs in the amount of $24,625.23 within thirty days.” Countdown...
Nice. It couldn't have happened to a more deserving loser.
As gleeful as this might make most of us (and we can celebrate a bit of justice here), the order to pay Maddow's legal fees probably doesn't translate to a drop in the bucket to this guy. I imagine he has (or will have now) checks arriving daily in mail bags.

and he'll use this to raise 100X the amount the judge ordered him to pay.

hahahahaha indeed......
With the hair plugs, power squint, and wearing a tack suit to testify before the legislature, for Christ's sake, who'd buy a used car from this clown, let alone Christianity?

It's always been a mystery to me why many evangelical preachers are so obviously slimy hucksters and yet successful.
With these kinds of frivolous lawsuits, paying legal fees really isn't enough. What about paying for court costs as well?
Fucking moron.
don't be so sure, @4.
Thanks, I needed a little pick-me-up.
Thumbs up!

Scam email is getting downright silly. People that take the initial load of bilge seriously are more likely to pay out to the huckster further down the road.

Fewer sheep but more $ per sheep and less effort per $.

The application to possibly fake ministry is left as an exercise to the reader.

How weak of a lawsuit is this guy putting forth if a major corporation and a celebrity newscaster have only racked up $24K in legal fees?

Please excuse me for saying so, but that sounds pretty gay to me.
@6: From the link: "Judge Joan Zeldon of Superior Court in Washington, D.C., ordered Dean to pay the defendants’ 'fees and costs in the amount of $24,625.23 within thirty days.'"

And yeah, @12, that sounds awfully low to me.
Oh, man.. talk about disposable income.. here's somebody who has so much money to spare that he can pay lawyers to launch an obviously frivolous lawsuit that he knows is only just to make the news, good lord..
And, how is it that the MN House of Representatives opens with a prayer by the "House Chaplain" ?? WTF??
Or, maybe he's just a brilliant performance artist whose latest work is showing how easy it is to get on a some TV news show and be asked whether or not he thinks homosexuality is an abomination. Turns out it's still pretty easy..
I need a like button for this. Yeah it may be only a drop in the bucket to him and may garner him more donations but you know that old saying, ”a fool and his money are soon parted?” He is a fool and so are his donors and they all deserve to wave their money goodbye.
You know, there are days where I look at the spammers, the scammers, and the cons in this world, and wonder why the fuck I'm working for a living.

Especially when guys like this aren't even paying income tax. Tell me again, why is that?
I love his response, he's asking the judge to recuse herself because she's acting like "a woman scorned" which means her vagina automatically biased her in favor of Madow.


I'm pretty sure that's not the right way to ask a judge to recuse themselves...but what do I know.