It hasn't been the best day for gaming and teh ladies. Add to that this technically impressive but ewwww-inducing augmented-reality "date" with Hatsune Miku:

It starts off boringly enough, with Hatsune following the viewer around, but soon—with the help of Xbox Kinect tech—the viewer pats her on the head... then hits her over the head, flips up her skirt, and goes for virtual second base. Cf. Archer, as commenter #2 did over at The Verge. (Oh, and thanks for showing us our future, The Verge!)

In other gaming meets feminism news, Steve Heisler and John Teti at the Onion AV Club's Gameological Society debate whether the rainbow-spangled camp in Lollipop Chainsaw (what Teti calls "Male Gaze: the Video Game") works or not. (Skip ahead to the two minute mark.) They don't cover a ton of ground, but it's nice to see two thoughtful normal-human gamers engage on the subject.

Which brings to mind sikandro's gold-star comment on Cienna's post: "The problem with this conversation is 95% of it will be dialogue between those who care about gaming but not about the representation of women, and those who care about the representation of women but not about gaming. Which means 95% of it will be a total waste of time."

The Stranger Testing Department is Rob Lightner and Paul Hughes.