The excellent comicsblogger David Brothers at 4thletter has a great post up about a new comic book by Billy Tucci that tells the authorized story of Blackwater, the despicable military contractor. Brothers tears apart Tucci's pro-Blackwater pandering (Tucci's statement in the press release can be paraphrased as "I didn't know much about Blackwater until they paid me to make a comic book about them; now I think they're just great!") and contextualizes the many attempts by Blackwater to gain cred with the kids:

Tucci’s comic, The Blackwater Chronicles, is yet another attempt by this raping, murdering, horrible company to rehabilitate its image and erase the past. A prior effort included an Xbox 360 video game where you play a set of heroic (white, of course) contractors in Fake Arabia. The game was awful, of course, and former Blackwater top dog Erik Prince described it as being “along the lines of kids running around their neighborhood playing cops and robbers or cowboys and Indians.” My favorite of their efforts is changing their name from Blackwater to Xe and now to Academi. Two name changes since 2005? Nice one, bro. That fills me with trust and forgiveness.

These people are war criminals. They aren’t subject to the same rules and regulations as the actual US military, and they are free to do whatever they want, apparently, and get bailed out by their political friends. Y’all hear that John Ashcroft is on the board of directors for Academi? Ha ha, that can’t possibly be significant. Ex-Blackwater vice chairman Cofer Black is Mitt Romney’s “special advisor” on foreign policy issues.

Blackwater is what happens when you turn war from an evil into a business enterprise.

Go read the whole great post.