1. A couple weeks ago, on this very blog, Dan Savage called Jesse Bering "brilliant" and posted a link to an excerpt from Bering's new book, Why Is the Penis Shaped Like That?...and Other Reflections on Being Human.

Tonight, you have an opportunity to bask in Bering's Savage-approved brilliance live and in person. He'll be reading from Penis at Town Hall starting at 7:30 PM. After Dan raved about Bering, I checked out the book, and it's a lot of fun—a collection of brisk, well-written essays about biology, with a special emphasis on sex of all varieties, cannibalism, and free will. And it's very funny, too. This is the kind of book you should leave around for occasional dipping and frequent conversation-starting. Those conversations will be even easier to start if you snag a signed copy from Bering's appearance tonight.

2. Bering's not the only game in town, though: Tim Kreider, who wrote a great piece about busyness for the New York Times a few weeks ago, reads at University Book Store tonight.

3. Find everything else going on tonight in our readings calendar.