Did Romney Mega-Donor Sheldon Adelson Do Business with the Chinese Mob?


So by definition if Caterpillar gives money to a candidate, that candidate is being funded by China since they sell a bunch of stuff there?
Rachel devoted her opening segment in last night's broadcast to this very story and, as usual, her approach to and explication of its significance was illuminating.
Adelson was involved with gambling on Macau. Adelson is still alive. Adelson had dealings with the tongs.
DO we want a president -- ask yourself this -- who is heavily in debt for his job to a guy who owns casinos in China? You couldn't run a crap game in an alley without having to smooth it with the Triads, so ..
There was an illuminating article in the New Yorker on the subject of Macau and Adelson's obvious associations with organized crime there a couple of months ago:


Even if Adelson turns out not to be directly associated with organized crime (which would make him the first person in the history of Chinese gambling to be so clean), he is certainly guilty of spending foreign money on an American election, which is illegal.

We have already seen that Romney is thoroughly shameless in his ability to make lying the centerpiece of his policy on everything. But is he really a puppet candidate for organized crime? Is he our own Peña Nieto?
Nothing about Rmoney surprises me anymore.
What 3# said.

You can't do gambling business over there without being involved with organized crime.
I appreciate you giving me another chance to watch that video, Paul. Because I was able to keep myself from painting the mental picture, I was able to stick it out to seeing her in a bikini. Thank you.
Of course he was involved with the mob. He's a Republican. Republicans are criminals.