What Do You Think of the Man of Steel Trailer?


Uh, why does this poll not have the option of, "Fuck yes, hairy rugged Henry Cavill. I noticed nothing else"?
How'd they get Terrence Mallick to direct Smallville? Cool!
Zach Snyder fucking sucks.
Superman felt outdated twenty years ago.
This looks like Zack Snyder trying to do Chris Nolan. It will probably be terrible.
I just want to know how Superman creates contrails when he flies...
needs more naked
I hope the movie is at least 90% Clark Kent working on a fishing boat. Otherwise this trailer is very misleading.
300 and The Watchmen were fucking horrible. I doubt this will be appealing.
You will believe that clothes lines can blow in the wind.

I mean ...
You will believe that a man can fish.

Or, hang on ... play the sad walking away music again ...
So he must let the world go on thinking that he, too, is dead, until he can find a way to control the raging spirit that dwells within him.
I'm with #6. No way he creates contrails.

Also, unshaven Superman? How does he shave? Haven't these people seen Superman IV? I mean, not that anyone should see that movie, but these people must have.

Also: Trailer is 90% depressive scenes of Nothing, with a tall bum occasionally moping. And then some dude flying implausibly to no purpose. Way to convince me there's some sense of narrative!
Can't answer, because I've always felt the source material sucked. Good stories are about conflict, and there's no conflict when your superhero is invicible... unless a green rock is in the room. Boring shit.
Can we get some non-superhero movies please? They are all basically the same
Superman is a hero who should remain in the past century. As they keep adding powers to him, he gets less interesting. He's the most boring of the superheroes. I'll pass.
Where's the "How many fucking comic book movies can they make? I've seen enough to last eight lifetimes" voting option?
Like any character in any medium ever, Superman can be excellent if he's written well (e.g., Mark Waid, Grant Morrison), and is shit when he's written badly (e.g., most writers who have ever written Superman). He's just harder to write well than a lot of other characters.

I do not have high hopes for this. (For one thing, it's got Christopher Nolan's name attached to it.)
Superman for All Seasons and Superman: Earth One both have plenty of really interesting conflict; I see no reason the movie couldn't, too.
The problem is that the writers keep trying to make the same old conflict (he's going to die, someone he cares about is going to die, etc) work with a character who is supposed to be invulnerable.
So they have to increase the villain's threat until he can take on "invulnerable".
Which invalidates most of the threats. Why would such a powerful villain want to kill some lady reporter? Patent your inventions and make billions of dollars.

Instead, try a story about a guy who can deal out god-like damage without reprisal or physical risk.
What is living in Metropolis like when there is a very real chance that all of conversations are overheard. And everything you do can be seen. And judged. With near divine judgment being delivered instantly.

Does Superman get tired of kids jumping off of buildings in Superman suits so that they can meet him in person?

The crime rate has got to be near zero. Are there enough jobs for people moving into Metropolis?
What kind of person chooses to live in Metropolis?
Are there any cops? Firemen? Ambulance drivers?

This movie looks fucking badass!

Now, Bryan Singer's 2006 Superman Returns was a damn fine movie -- and a pioneer in IMAX 3D (superman saving the airliner was epic) -- and didn't get nearly the respect it deserved.

But this could be a worthy reboot. The somber, real world tone here is perfectly suited for Superman's characteristic soul searching introspection. Do you think a farm boy from Kansas is going to be able to accept the power and responsibility of becoming Superman overnight??

And Snyder's 300 and Watchmen were both spectacular, so The Man of Steel should be nothing short of amazing.

With Nolan overseeing this, might we be in store for a Christian Bale as Dark Knight cameo? Perhaps even building to a Justice League movie, a la this year's The Avengers? (Would Ryan Reynald's Green Lantern be in it?)

P.S. I think the "contrail" would be from S's feet dragging through the vapor cone he created. Maybe. Shut up, it looks cool.
Annnnnd fucking close italics...

(Fix your shit, SLOG web department!)
A guy who thought Superman Returns was in any way a watchable movie is thrilled. This does not reassure.
I've always felt that trying to do gritty and realistic with Superman is misreading the point. Supes is primary colors, optimism, idealism...he's an archetype more than a character.

Let Batman live in the Nolanverse where he fits. Superman is a daytime hero.
Who knew Superman was a gritty bear?


Yep. Just like all of these fools.
There is not an option in the poll that adequately characterizes the suckitude I expect of this film.

Really, I even tried to look past the bit about Snyder directing Watchmen and 300.

To the other, perhaps this sort of approach to Superman ought to be expected. Hollywood is apparently so bankrupt for original stories that we need to try every variation on every story before society is allowed to move forward and have greater artistic expectations.

Perhaps we should not rule out another reboot, with Kirk Cameron as the righteous and holy Superman.

And then Seth Rogan trying to shoehorn Zach Galifianakis into the suit.

Maybe by that time, they'll have figured out how to clone Christopher Reeve, and start the whole thing over again.
@6, @11, hypersonic flatulence. It's the REAL way Superman flies, and only now can be revealed.
Never got into Superman, actively hate Snyder. Will not even see this unless I hear some stellar, rave reviews.
Remember, Superman is America. Or rather, the America we'd like to see ourselves as: superpowerful, fair and just, the last great hope against the evils of the world.

It is fitting that the Superman of this era be introspective, uncertain, self-questioning. "Who am I? What role am I supposed to play? What is my duty to the rest of the world?"

Watch this trailer again, this time imagining that the narrator is speaking to America itself. Hell, it's practically Clint Eastwood's "Halftime in America".

So what answers will this film offer up? Of course there is the risk that it will simply reassert our self-righteous national "exceptionalism". But it looks like it has the potential to leave the viewer with some important questions to answer for themselves: "What America will you create? What are your duties and responsibilities?"

Tough the second trailer offers a far more curious appraisal of Superman/USA, this time narrated by Russel Crow (playing Superman's Kryptonian father Jor-El): "You will give the people an ideal to strive towards. [...] In time, they will stand with you in the sun." Hmm...
@6, @11, @27: But he seems to be making the trails with his feet, which must mean that he's shooting water vapour out of his toes.
They don't come much prettier than Henry Cavill, do they?
Sonic boom booty clap
@30 maybe his feet are acting like vortex generators, like the winglettes on a 737.
@33 wins with the wingtip vortices call.

The vapor cone is seriously awesome though.
Peter Jackson wants his soundtrack music back.
The matter is officially solved:

Here (at 6:10 and 6:45) we see a jet producing both a vapor cone and wingtip trails.

And here's a discussion of Superman's flight at a science forum (complete with fart jokes). I wonder if the person making the inquiry there was involved with the Man of Steel's visual effects department?

I know, right?

Good thing Superman is here to rally the Fellowship after the loss of Gandalf. Or is the LOTR soundtrack going to join Smashmouth in the canon of overused trailer themes?
why is he crabbing?
As was said previously, this movie needs the Eradicator, or just a straight up adaptation of Birthright. Otherwise, I am very dubious about this, despite the (IMO, capable) people attached to this.

Also... Amy Adams? As Lois Lane? ...Whaaaaat?
I hope this isn't an origin story. I'm fucking sick of origin stories.
No shorts, no service.
i paused at the end to see the screen of 'who was in it' after i caught a glimpse of Lawrence Fishburne, and my boyfriend literally threw himself onto the floor in misery when he saw that Hans Zimmer is doing the score. "I shouldn't be this upset, but I AM!"
He thinks he's going to do something stupid and unmelodic. It's really funny to watch (although I do feel sorry for him.) Thanks yall!
This could be the first interesting take on Superman in a long time. If the movie really is about the decision of how you should live your life then it is something that relates to all of us. Anyone could make it a mission in life to better the world, but few choose to do this. Superman can take the story to its extreme since he is almost all-powerful, so it seems like a good angle for the movie. Much better than "invicible guy vs cartoon villain."
As humans we all have super powers, we just don't notice because everyone has them.
Speaking of invincible villains, I believe the main villain in this film will be General Zod.