• derek erdman

Similar to this post, the official Kurt Cobain grocery joke list below:

"What was on Kurt's shopping list? A gelato, and some drano, a burrito, and Doritos..." - Ryan Duncan

"Kurt walks up to a store attendant and asks, "Where do you guys keep the... oh, never mind" - Pat Jandro

"What flavor crackers does Kurt Cobain like to top with cheese? On a plain." - Derek Erdman

"Safeway's opening up a new mini-section called Smells Like Wines and Spirits." - Mike Force

"Kurt picks up a can of kidney beans (for Frances) at Safeway, says, "This is dumb, I don't wanna have to drain you. I'll just buy in bulk at Hole Foods." - Sarah Moody

"Crêpe me." - Emily Nokes

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