National Confidential says that Ginny Meerman has created the Miss Conservative Pageant because in her opinion, regular beauty pageants are “being overtaken by the liberal movement and liberal-thinking people.”

On her personal website, Meerman complains of “being blackballed for my outspoken and unapologetic conservative ideals.” She also brags about being “a descendant” of confederate General Robert E. Lee. Meerman uses the term “OhBlahBlah” to refer to President Obama, and says he is a “toad” that “must go.”...A “press conference style” on stage interview, patriotic outfit, evening wear and photos are listed as the four major elements of the pageant. Bonus “conservapoints” can also be earned by contestants. One way to earn “conservapoints” is through a written essay explaining “Why I Am A Conservative.”

Man, why would anyone ostracize Meeman? She sounds like a barrel of laughs. And I thought beauty pageants were already conservative institutions. Remember when Perez Hilton got his librul agenda all over poor, apolitical Carrie Prejean? All the conservablogs were wagging their fingers at Perez for "politicizing" an event. And everybody knows that when you're accused of "politicizing" an event, it means you're arguing against something conservative.