The Agony of Defeat: Apparently, there's an Olympics going on somewhere with a giant ferris wheel (no, not Seattle), and a bunch of Americans are big, silver-encrusted losers.

But It's Okay When Democrats Do It: Suzan DelBene contributes another $400,000 to her own campaign, bringing her total to $2.4 million for the primary alone. Not that she's trying to buy an election or anything.

It's the End of the World as We Know It. Koch-funded climate change denier Richard Muller has changed his mind. And yeah, humans are responsible.

First Rule of Urban Living: Never Make Eye Contact. A gun battle and car chase led to a three car collision on I-5 near Boeing field after two men made eye contact at a festival in Seward Park.

Garbage In, Garbage Still In: Still no agreement as a Teamsters strike against Waste Management enters its sixth day, interrupting recycling and garbage collection in parts of King and Snohomish counties.

I Guess That Makes Romney a Dummy: "It was Romney's voice but Netanyahu's words," the Israeli newspaper Haaretz wrote of Mitten's carefully staged Jerusalem speech. Huh. And I thought Israel was supposed to be our puppet.

Those Non-Union South Carolinians Sure Do Know How to Build an Airplane: The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating after debris fell from the engines of a new 787, sparking a grassfire that shut down Charleston International Airport for more than an hour. Probably some empty beer cans left in the engine, or something.

The Market Cures Everything: Following privatization of Washington's state store system, liquor sales are up... in neighboring Oregon and Idaho. Both states have a state-run liquor system. Irony.

How Dare They Attack the First Amendment?! Three local underage girls—two 13-year-olds from Pierce County and a 15-year-old from King—are suing after allegedly being pimped on the online classified website.

A Republican Speaks the Truth: "There are national groups the Republican Party has that are better funded than the Democratic Party and they are going to come in here with a lot of money," says former Washington State Republican Party chair Chris Vance.

Scalia's Constitution: United States Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia says there is no right to privacy, no right to abortion, and no right to birth control in the US Constitution. But hand-held rocket launchers would be A-ok.

Finally, Governments Are Embracing Pot Legalization. In South America.