King County Prosecuting Attorney Dan Satterberg just sent out "The Prosecutor's Post," his periodic email newsletter, and it features Satterberg in this cheerful graphic. Because nothing says "I'm being charged with a felony" like a Ferris wheel:


Wheeee! In the words of Charles Mudede this week, "Nothing is more optimistic than a Ferris wheel."

But not every future Prosecutor's Post can be so optimistic. Since this was clearly photoshopped, we ask you—the graphic design wizards of Slog—to photoshop Satterberg into your own Prosecutor's Post graphic. Maybe they're even more optimistic (with handcuffed kittens in the background) or maybe something more suited to the courtroom (like the Eye of Sauron).

Please send your submissions HERE and we promise to run them on Slog.