A Good Month for Jay Inslee: Or so says Politico, contrasting some positive polls and good ads for Inslee against a July "littered with unforced errors for McKenna." I dunno. I think we helped force a few.

An Okay Week for Employment: Weekly jobless claims didn't climb as much as analysts expected. Which in this economy I guess qualifies as good news.

A Good Day for Women: The gradual phase-in of the Affordable Care Act continues. As of today, women on individual insurance plans will no longer pay deductibles, co-payments or coinsurance for preventive services like, you know, birth control. Damn you, Barack Hussein Obama, and your dastardly Kenyan Socialism!

A Bad Day for Raccoons: Waste Management and Teamsters Local 117 have reached a tentative deal to end an eight day strike that left tasty garbage piling up on city streets.

A Nervous Day for Goldy: Three US Airways jets came within seconds of a mid-air collision after air traffic controllers mistakenly cleared two outbound flights into the path of a landing plane. Guess which airline I'm flying tomorrow?

A Good Olympics for US Women Rowers: The US women's eight rowing team, including UW's Mary Whipple, won its second straight Olympic gold, narrowly beating Canada. Our free market health care system no doubt made the difference.

A Bad Man Stumps for Dave Reichert: Karl Rove will be in town, raising for money for Washington's favorite "conscience-driven independent."

A Bad Sign for American Intellectualism: Arnold Schwarzenegger is starting a "think tank."

A Sunny Weekend for Seafair: Upper-70's to mid-80's, mostly sunny. Not that we can really trust weather forecasts around here that far in advance.

A Really, Really, Unbelievable Police Story: Arkansas police claim a teen suspected of possessing a small amount of marijuana shot himself in the head while sitting in the back of a squad car, his hands cuffed behind his back. He was shot in the right temple. He's left handed. Really.