Joseph Staten told you about Romney's plan to let wind subsidies expire in the Morning News. Republican Iowa Governor Terry Brandstad says that Romney is wrong on this:

“[The wind subsidy] needs to be continued, not forever, but it does need to be continued for a while and the result is it’s been a very good thing for Iowa in terms of 20 percent of our energy is now generated by wind,” Branstad said.

“We have a lot of farmers that receive rent from having wind turbines on their property and we have a lot of jobs associated with it.” [...]

Branstad blamed “confusion” in the Romney campaign for Romney’s stand against the tax break for wind energy production. [...]

ThinkProgress also has a list of Republicans from wind states who generously say they think the Romney campaign isn't being clear about the candidate's stance on wind power. When your best defense is that your party's presidential campaign is confused, you're in a lot of trouble.