TIMES UP Jameson, Melissa Stern, Robert Hardgrave, Carole dInverno, and Randy McCoy are some of the gallerys artists.
  • Courtesy Fetherston Gallery
  • TIME'S UP Jameson, Melissa Stern, Robert Hardgrave, Carole d'Inverno, and Randy McCoy are some of the gallery's artists.

After 15 years at 818 East Pike Street, Fetherston Gallery is closing its doors at the end of this month. The building it's in was sold and the rent tripled, Betsy Fetherston says. "The neighborhood has become too popular," she says. "I am actually excited about a new location." She hasn't figured out where yet.

Tonight from 5 to 8 is the final opening at the space (of a group show by gallery artists), in the heart of Pike/Pine, which once had galleries ranging from 911 Media Arts Center and CoCA (in what's now Oddfellows) to Martin Zambito (in what's now the Other Coast Cafe). The neighborhood has changed, that's for sure. I'll miss Fetherston.

In other gallery shuffling news, IDEA Odyssey, which opened a year ago devoting itself to minority culture, will close its doors after September 8. It was a part of Storefronts Seattle, and while it wanted to become a permanent fixture, that didn't happen, so a new rotating installation will go into the space. In its short time, there were a handful of strong shows there; I hope they'll continue.