Guns kill people:

At least seven people were killed Sunday, including the suspected gunman, when a man opened fire on worshipers at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin in Oak Creek, police said. ...

Ven Boba Ri, one of the temple members, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that the shooter was a white male in his 30s. Ri said the gunman was "not an insider'' and called the attack "pretty much a hate crime.'' Police have not indicated any known motive yet. Ri told the newspaper that the shooter walked up and shot a priest who was standing outside, then went inside the temple and began firing.

It doesn't matter if the killer is an armed nutcase with a Batman boner or an armed nutcase on a racist teabagger crusade (who probably thought these people were Muslims, which is equally unacceptable), America's Congressmen and Congresswomen are apparently fine with our loosey-goosey gun access and the mass shootings that are regular enough to set your watch by. Because they won't talk about this problem. It's the price we pay to be Americans... or something. Does the fact that this looks like a hate crime—something that we can usually talk about—make the gun conversation any more approachable? I hope so.