Former Stranger art director Corianton Hale designed it. Freakin beautiful, huh?
  • Former Stranger art director Corianton Hale designed it. Freakin' beautiful, huh?
Do you like beer? Do you like tacos? Do you miss Lindy West? Then for God's sake, get yourself to Elliott Bay Book Company tonight to celebrate the publication of The Stranger's new book about life, America, sex, college, music, drinking, drugs, and tacos. And gay stuff! The book is called How to Be a Person and it's 20 percent reheated funny shit from The Stranger's past Back to School guides, 30 percent Savage Love, and 50 percent completely mysterious new material by Lindy West and Bethany Jean Clement and some other guy. (OK, me!!!)

The party at Elliott Bay Book Company is from 8 pm to 10 pm (not a formal reading in that room downstairs but an informal party upstairs in the main part of the store, with free beer and tacos for anyone who buys a book!), and the after-party is at Linda's on the back patio from 10 pm onward. Linda's is offering a drink special called How to Be a Less Sober Person—a can of Hamm's and a shot of Maker's Mark for $5! Part of the reason the celebrating goes so late is that the Stranger Election Control Board is simultaneously covering the results of the primary (have you voted?!), but politics writers like to party, too. Come celebrate with us tonight and you will be able to:

· Meet/harass/make out with your favorite Stranger writers
· Yell at the Stranger writers who annoy you the most
· Get your book signed/doodled in/spilled upon
· Drink beer (FREE) and eat tacos (FREE with book purchase)
· Flirt with sexy Elliott Bay staffers (they like to read!) and sexy Linda's staffers (they're in a band!)
· Buy Dominic Holden (who oversees the Stranger Election Control Board) infinity drinks
· Pitch your column idea to the Stranger editor of your choice
· Get Dan Savage's cell phone number (we'll give it out to anyone who buys 250 copies or more of the book)
· Hear about the two mistakes we've already discovered in the book (AAAAARRRRGHHHH)
· Point out mistakes we haven't discovered yet and watch us cry
· And more!

Be there or be etc.!