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Sigur Ros brought their own personal holodeck to Seattle last night to play to a sold-out-in-minutes crowd. Jonsi claimed that it was nice to be playing inside for the first time in four years, and the crowd seemed to agree. The flanking screens mostly played abstract images of vaguely aquatic themes, with the stray creepy doll mask, tiny silhouettes floating away to heaven, or drowning woman, or sparkling Blue Valentine style fireworks interspersed between spy cam footage of various bandmembers. While my notes include scratches along the lines of "that one that sounds like a submarine following a beacon to an undersea alien colony," "a sailboat being untied from the docks and finally catching a spring breeze," "sparkly elves having a picnic on the Hindenberg," or "the ones from () where they finally let the drummer put away the metallic brushes and go wild," the brilliant transcription skills of of some kind soul at confirms my vague sense that the show included a broad survey of their albums, with most of the bounceable tracks from Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust omitted, perhaps because they're not quite as good of a fit with the more contemplative vibe of nautical slow-burner Valtari.

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