We told you about the rumors that Paul Ryan was going to be Romney's VP pick. We scratched the surface of what the rumors mean. We watched Romney flub the Ryan-as-VP rollout. We looked closely at Ryan's record on Medicare. We dug deep into his record on everything else.

But now, it's time to address something I've been reading all over the internet. The words "Paul Ryan" and "handsome" (or "attractive") seem to often appear in close proximity. And I've gotta tell you, Slog: I'm not one of those straight guys who's all like, "I just don't understand how anybody could find—ugh—a guy attractive." I generally know when a man is hot or not. But I'm baffled by these claims that Paul Ryan is handsome. Please go look at his official, hi-res photograph and then vote in this, the most important Slog poll of our time.