Looks like the mayor's office is looking to take advantage of the old Friday afternoon news dump game by putting out press releases when they think nobody's looking:

SEATTLE – Today Mayor Mike McGinn announced that he had accepted the resignation of Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs Director Vincent Kitch. Kitch has served as head of the Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs since April 2011.

“I thank Vincent for his service and the contribution he has made to arts in Seattle over the last year and a half,” said McGinn. “I look forward to my administration’s continuing work, through the Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs, to help support the arts community in Seattle.”

Michele Scoleri, a senior advisor to the mayor, will serve as the short-term lead for the department as she directs the search for an interim director over the coming weeks.

The Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs has a 2012 budget of $7.4 million.

Hmmm. This announcement could be the single most exciting event in the entire history of Vincent Kitch's tenure as Director of the Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs. But that sure is some interesting timing. I think you might be hearing more about this story in the coming days on Slog.