EVO Tapas Kitchen & Cabaret on Capitol Hill, in front of also-new nightclub the Social, never sounded like a great idea: small plates "with a Mediterranean flair" and a show every night "ranging anywhere from chill lounge DJs to extravagant Burlesque performances and everything in-between." The decor was described to me as difficult to describe; they also were calling their patio their “urban oasis.”

If you blinked, you missed it. Now news intern Mike Gore reports that EVO has become something called Theory Vodka Lounge. So, there's that.

Rione is Italian for district in Rome; Rione XIII is the Trastevere district.
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  • "Rione" is Italian for "district" in Rome; Rione XIII is the Trastevere district.

In less Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz food and beverage news, Kickin' Boot Whiskey Kitchen opened in Ballard last week, and while its name is also too long/concept-y, and it is brought to us by the parrrr-tay people of the Matador(s), and it represents yet more Southern comfort food in that neighborhood, the chef is Bo Maisano, whose work you may have enjoyed at the Tin Table (a while back) or 1200 Bistro (way back when).

And opening any second now on 15th on Capitol Hill (maybe soft opening tonight, even), it's Ethan Stowell's new Rione XIII, where makes-you-want-to-smash-things gift shop Tilden's used to be. There will be pasta and wood-fired pizza, and the menu reportedly won't change that much (which sounds kind of refreshing at this point), and it will very likely be very good. Eventually, the Wandering Goose, from the Volunteer Park Cafe people, will share the space. So, there's that.