Intiman, which lived for several decades in a large theater at Seattle Center (that is technically owned by the public), collapsed last year. This year, it revived with a summer festival. But at this point, Intiman cannot afford to keep its year-round lease on the space (aka "the Playhouse"), so Seattle Center sent out a request for proposal (RFP) for somebody else to be a master leaseholder.

So far, according to people involved with the process, there have been two bidders allowed to move forward: Cornish College of the Arts and Theater Puget Sound (TPS).

Both meet with the review panel tomorrow morning to pitch their cases. Both organizations want other organizations—Seattle Shakespeare Company, Book-It Theater, etc.—to rent the Playhouse space and put on work. And both would make room for Intiman to continue producing there.

The big difference? Cornish would sometimes use the space for educational purposes including theater, music, art exhibitions in the lobbies, etc., while TPS would be a more dedicated pipeline for getting Seattle companies on the big Playhouse stage.

If you have strong feelings about this TPS/Cornish lease situation, you can email the RFP panel here.