PDC Complaint Alleges Eyman Is Running an Illegal, Undisclosed, Stealth Campaign


They've been haranguing people to sign I-517 in West Seattle.

Can someone explain to me how in the hell making a Decline To Sign advocacy campaign illegal isn't one of the most flagrant First Amendment violations imaginable? What genius came up with this?

I got a better idea for an initiative or legislation: make fucking around with the election process like this not a fine-based monetary penalty, but one with severe criminal penalties instead. It's the only way this stuff will be put to an end.
Jesus Goldy, you really understated the insanity of this initiative. Did you really read it? This line is pure shitballs Jack Nicholson with an axe in the snow crazy:

Citizens’ participation in the legislative process by initiative and referendum has been subjected to hostility, interference and threats of interference and retaliation by private and governmental actions.


Signature gathering and petition signing for an officially filed and processed initiative or referendum shall be a legally protected activity on public sidewalks and walkways and all sidewalks and walkways that carry pedestrian traffic, including those in front of the entrances and exits of any store, and inside or outside public buildings such as public sports stadiums, convention/exhibition centers, and public fairs.

This would be taking away the right for any private land owner to bar gatherers from working and making money on their private property, on nonsense political speech grounds. If I owned Safeway, for example, I have every right to tell any, all, none, or some signature gatherers to fuck off, for any or no reason that I wanted.

This initiative would grant special made-up rights to the people gathering signatures that even protesters with picket signs do not enjoy. If I tried to remove the signature gatherers I'd be subject to criminal prosecution according to this.

Totally insane.
Insane though the initiative may be, the issue of private property users such as Safeway being able to have pristine sidewalks was decided long ago by SCOTUS for CA, and its applicability to WA depends on the specifics of WA constitutional detail: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pruneyard_S…
But other than that, they're cool, right?
IT ONLY COVERS PUBLIC PLACES NOT "ANY PROPERTY" It states that signature gathering is a legally protected activity on all sidewalks and walkways that carry pedestrian traffic, as well as outside entrances to public buildings, sports arenas and stores.

ALSO. I like the idea of having more time, I want an initiative to prevent liquor from being sold in Wal-Mart and COSTCO I might be.

i might be out there getting signatures myself one day.
Someone other than myself needs to get a kickstarter or other going to fund paid signature gathering for a Ban Paid Signature Gathering initiative.
#7 But, How much will you pay me?

Maybe we can overturn all previous initiatives that used paid signature gathering. Like the piece of fucking shit I-502 to legalize false DUI convictions, Or the Eyman one says we cant raise taxes on the rich people initiative, or how about the worst one EVER ... fucking billionaire Gates raping public schools I-1240. And don't even talk to me about Costco!

Fuck these Big business, Billionaires and Big labor cats. They are the only ones who can afford to get on the ballot. We need to eliminate voting altogether. It just gives them our permission to keep fucking us over and encourages them to continue.

Someone needs to inform Safeway of that then.

Several years ago, a woman tried to counter protest paid signature gathering outside the Safeway on Capitol Hill. The signature gatherers whined like little bitches to Safeway management about it, and management forced her to move along.

I took some personal interest in that story since it was those same signature gatherers who blocked my entrance into that Safeway, grabbed my shoulder, and tried to keep me from entering the store until after I signed their several petitions. Safeway didn't have any problem with that flagrantly illegal behavior.
We need a constitutional amendment to ban paid signature gathering.

Or at least go with Oregon's model and don't allow them be be paid per signature, but only hourly.
We need a constitutional amendment to ban Tim Eyman....

Here's hoping something actually sticks on his slime.
In this thread we pretend that the majority of people at hempfest are registered to vote.
Will Inslee have the guts to go after Eyman?
I need the author of this article to please contact me...I just began working for Harwig & Harwig Enterprises and I havent yet gotten paid because I just got this job less than two weeks ago and the guy in the above picture is the ONE WHO TRAINED ME! He did nothing but hit on me the entire time and verbally abuse me for turning him down. Should I be looking for another job, AGAIN?
Dont work for this group! Like the post above says, 'they wont pay you're. The way it works is they
Pay the people that coordinate/manager/soldier for them=Those that do the work, circulate get robbed
Dont hate the petitioners for there just working a job. Dont hate the process for there only giving you a choice to vote. People in Ukrian would are dieing to have such a process. Its true not all petitions make good since, but if we sign them we will get to know, after reading them fully on the ballot. As for rights to be able to sign things out of the store, its imperative if you can sign where the people are theres no human right to do the process its a farce. Protect the peoples rights to sign, most states dont have the rights and even more dont have access rights. Support free Speech, Its easy to get rid of but hard to establish. Look at oregon There hasnt been a grass roots initiative in over a decade make the ballot because of the pay per hour restriction. Fred Meyer law case that took away human rights to free speech and to sign peititons was sponsored by a billion dollar corporation. vs. ( a person with no money) = results no right for people to sighn petitions. Well you can sign in your house or hiding behind a car etc. in Oregon wtf. Protect your rights to sign in public places and shopping centers. God forbid someday the government or environment creates a situation you want or need to have access for your rights and every one chose to (throw there rights in the garbage).
Human Rights Activist for 20 years.