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I'm suffering from some major outrage fatigue, so won't you join me in this breather before I go back to sobbing under my desk? Let's talk about Face Off, SyFy's special effects make-up competition. (It's like Project Runway for dorks!)

Last night's season three premiere featured a Spotlight Challenge entitled "A Force to Be Reckoned With" where the new crop of artists were paired up with one another "to build a creation that would fit in a modern interpretation of the famous cantina scene from Star Wars."


OK, first, let's talk about the drama and the terribleness that was Joe. His entry for the first challenge? WHAT THE SHIT? It's not like I thought the winning piece by Eric was so great (it was fine, it was pretty, just not amazing), but Joe's was just a big lump of nothing.

And then Joe proceeds to be a dick throughout the spotlight challenge... high contrast with Rod who actually helped Team Pink Hair. I felt sorry for Tommy as soon as I saw he was paired with Joe. Even if their character had been finished it was still terrible... like something from a low-budget horror film. And then, what, Joe couldn't take the criticism? Was that the only reason he stormed off? Yes Tommy was whiney but who could blame him after three days of dealing with that narcissistic failure?

Winning the challenge were Rod and Roy with their bio-metric alien, which—while certainly a fantastic feat of craftsmanship and time management—didn't really feel like a character from the Star Wars universe. Maybe Doctor Who or maybe the original Total Recall, but not Star Wars. Coming in second was the team I thought should have won, self-proclaimed Star Wars nerds Sarah and Laura, whose alien (from the Dagobah system) looked like she stepped right out of the current Clone Wars series. Certainly not as difficult a piece as Rod and Roy's, but more to the spirit of the challenge I thought.

Next week: PIRATES.