In an effort to stop government funding of abortions, Paul Ryan cosponsored a bill with Todd Akin that redefined rape into "forcible" and, presumably, non-forcible categories. Now, Ryan is getting heat for that bill, and he's saying it's not a problem because he's the vice presidential candidate, and Mitt Romney's stance on outlawing abortion is much more "liberal" than his own stance on outlawing abortion:

Representative Paul D. Ryan sought to distance himself from Todd Akin, his House colleague, on Wednesday by condemning his comments about rape, even while deflecting questions about the meaning of “forcible rape.”

He was pressed on the issue on his campaign plane after he did not directly confront the question in an earlier television interview with the Pittsburgh television station KDKA....“I’m proud of my record,’’ Mr. Ryan said. “Mitt Romney is going to be the president. The president sets policy. His policy is ‘except for rape, incest and the life of the mother.’ I’m comfortable with it because it’s a step in the right direction. I’m going to leave it at that.’’

Think of that. "A step in the right direction." Ryan can't even bring himself to say he disagrees with Akin's views, because he doesn't. The implication of all this is that Paul Ryan believes in banning abortion in the case of rape, incest, and to save the life of the mother. But he says he's willing to tolerate Romney's slightly more liberal anti-abortion views, because Romney is on the top of the ticket. What character! What moral strength! Here's video of Ryan calling abortion a "side issue" that he's sure women won't fall for:

In addition, Ryan says he's not going to call Akin out any longer:

Republican vice presidential contender Paul Ryan acknowledges he urged Missouri Congressman Todd Akin to abandon his Senate bid but has no further plans to speak to him about it now that Akin is staying in the race.

Ryan and Romney can't even control one rogue member of their party. Why should they be trusted to govern?