Donald Trump is scheduled to play a "surprise" role at next week's Republican National Convention, which, judging from his latest tweet, I'm guessing may involve murdering a baby. Because that's what comes from stupid fucking anti-vaccine celebrities like Trump repeating the anti-scientic bullshit of the stupid fucking anti-vaccine baby killers: Dead babies.

Of course what Trump is responding to is a new S C I E N T I F I C study linking an increased risk of autism and schizophrenia with the increased age of the father. But rather than accepting that at the age of 66, he might want to stop impregnating supermodels with his own aging, mutated sperm, Trump has decided to blame autism on vaccines, citing... absolutely nothing. (Because there is no credible anti-vaccine science to cite.)

Stupid fucking anti-vaccine baby killer.

To repeat: The goal of our immunization programs is to vaccinate enough people to build a "herd immunity" sufficient to protect those with weak or immature immune systems from disease and death. So don't be a stupid fucking anti-vaccine baby killer like Republican Donald Trump. Be a responsible neighbor and vaccinate yourself and your children.