Nadia at rest.
  • Nadia at rest.


This post has been updated with photos provided by Seattle Animal Shelter, courtesy of Nadia's new owners.

This week's feature is about witnessing a neighbor's psychotic break and suicide. The neighbor stabbed her cat seven times with a butcher knife before falling out a window. But—as you know if you got to the end of the story—the cat survived. Her name was Darcy, according to the boyfriend of the neighbor. All of my attempts to find out more about Darcy's fate came up empty, though. A source who helped perform surgery on her declined to be interviewed, explaining she was not authorized to speak to me.

But now we have an update, courtesy of Kara Main-Hester of the Seattle Animal Shelter:

Just a note on the cat in the story. She was named Hope and was put through surgery by the Seattle Animal Shelter.

We recently got an update from the adopter:
"We ended up naming Hope, Nadia! Which means "hope" in russian. She is doing really great here, still sleeping in her bed almost every night! She really loves her laser pointer! She's really grown on both my grandma and myself."

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-Kara Main-Hester, SAS staff

That's some cat.

Nadia shows off her belly.
  • Nadia shows off her belly.

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