Two weeks back, former news intern Mike Gore shared the story of a man who was arrested at the 5th Avenue Theatre during a showing of Rent for allegedly refusing to surrender his wine glass, threatening a couple patrons, throwing his glass at an usher, and then fighting with the cops.

All the while, the police report said, the man's wife was sitting there—just trying to enjoy the damn show, thank you—and she stayed put while her husband was hauled off in a squad car and then allegedly vomited wine at the police station.

Well, in the comment thread on Friday, someone claiming to be that wife posted this comment, saying "I wanted to see the show and I didn't think it was fair for me to have to suffer for his bad behavior":

Listen up kids... I'm the man's aforementioned wife.

I picked him after I got off work and drove directly to the theater. I did not observe how much alcohol he had consumedd at home before I picked him up. As we usually do, we bought a glass of wine to enjoy before the show started (I paid—big mistake). I finished my glass before he did and advised him he needed to finish his drink. He then informed me he did not want to "chug it." I also mentioned to him that wine was not allowed in the theater. He chose to ignore my advice.

After sitting down—he with his plastic cup of wine—several other patrons excused themselves because they wanted to get by us to reach their seats. I don't know what he said to one of the women, but I did hear her response, which was a playful, "Hey, give me that wine."

I was just as shocked as everyone else when he replied, "You try to take my wine and I'll stap you on the ass." The two women then sat down right next to me (on the right) and I apologized for his bad behavior. These were NOT the same women who asked to be seated in another area—those two were sitting on my husband's left side and obviously were nervous about his behavior.

Anyway..... the narrative is pretty much as described above. He did throw the plastic cup and then refused to apologize for his rudeness. I urged him to "man up" and apologize but he declined. At that point I realized he was beyond listening to anything I had to say and I decided he would get what he deserved.

I stayed because I wanted to see the show and I didn't think it was fair for me to have to suffer for his bad behavior. I had the support of the women around me who clearly saw that I was not defending his behavior.

I did enjoy the show, despite the drama, and hope my espousal unit learned a valuable lesson. We have attended numerous cultural events throughout the Seattle area during the past ten years and believe me, this is a first outburse of this nature at any of those venues. It will also be the last!

Well, she did "enjoy the show, despite the drama." Which, if I understand Rent correctly, means that she enjoyed watching the spectacle of the arrest despite what happened on stage.