• Kelly O
On Sunday, September 9*, women of all ages and in all manners of dress—from demure pajamas to nipple tape and body paint—will march en mass through downtown Seattle to protest our culture of slut shaming and rape victim blaming, which has only been whipped to frothy new heights by Republicans over the past few years.

The second annual Slutwalk Seattle will start at 12:00pm in Pioneer Square's Occidental Park. After admiring each others' signs and attire, protesters will march north on 4th Avenue to a rally at Westlake Park. Last year's inaugural Slutwalk was one of many across the continent organized to protest a Toronto officer's public comments that women should avoid dressing like sluts if they don't want to be raped. It brought out over 500 rape survivors, feminists, and families marching together in a mood I described as "festively grim."

There's still good cause for that festive grimness—conservatives routinely use slut shaming to justify restricting women's reproductive rights. If your rage needs some refreshing, Emily's List has created a handy timeline of the political War on Women, so you can track the weeks that Republicans have argued that most rape victims were legitimately asking to be unwillingly fucked, most unwed mothers are fertile harlots who can't keep their legs together, most abortions are routine maintenance for heathen prostitutes, and only unrepentant sluts would demand insurance-covered birth control pills.

For these reasons and many others, women march. For more info, go here.

*AKA, National Grandparent's Day.