Democrat Jay Inslee may have slightly less money in the bank than his Republican opponent for governor. But a PAC collecting national cash to support him is in the lead.

In reporting an $800,000 contribution from the Democratic Governor's Association yesterday, a political action committee designed to bolster Inslee—and slam his opponent—in the general election reported a total fundraising haul of $4.2 million. That narrowly puts it ahead of a PAC filed by the Republican Governor's Association, which is backing Rob McKenna, that dumped $4 million into the state last month.

The pro-McKenna PAC features just one donor, according to the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission. But the pro-Inslee money—under the umbrella of a PAC called Our Washington, which first I reported when it was filed in spring—comes largely from a constellation of big lefty funders and labor unions.

Chief is the Democratic Governor's Association, not surprisingly, which has given $2.5 million. Other contributors include: the National Education Association Advocacy Fund, which has given $500,000; the Washington Education Association PAC, which has also given $500,000; and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), which has given a quarter-million dollars.

Records for candidates' personal campaigns show Inslee trailing slightly. He has raised $7.8 million to McKenna's $8.2 million.