Two Indiana teenagers who left notes for their parents saying they were "sorry" and "starting new lives" have taken off in a Mercedes Benz for an unknown destination. The parents of Jordan Webb, 16, and Levi "David" Briggs, 15, are begging for their sons to return home to Avon, Ind., after they fled in the middle of the night with plans to change their identities.... Both families released statements in the wake of the boys' disappearance, though they did not elaborate on why Webb or Briggs may have decided to flee their homes and families.

"Jordan is loved and missed by his family and friends. We cannot imagine life without our son, and we will not stop looking until he's home safe, no matter how long it takes," the Webbs said.

"We pray for their safety and well-being," said the Briggs family. "We want you back, David, and want to fight side-by-side for your future. We ask for our friends' prayers and any information that will help us provide for David and Jordan's safety, well-being and safe return."

Bluefield Daily Telegraph:

Webb took backpacking supplies and enough clothes to last a long time, his family said. Briggs had little more than his clothes—a pair of designer, slim-fitting jeans; a teal, white and orange shirt; and blue-grey, suede Adidas Neo shoes, size 10 1/2. Briggs is 5-feet, 10-inches, blonde and usually wears hoop earrings. He left behind his glasses, so he is thought to be wearing contacts. He likes bodybuilding.... Webb's sister, Jennifer Hurtubise, said he's enrolled in various advanced placement classes, although going to high school in Avon "might not be his cup of tea."

The hashtag #FindJordanAndDavid is blowing up on Twitter. I hope the boys are safe and that they're found soon. And it sounds to me like these boys could be gay. If that's the case, and if David and Jordan felt unsafe in their community or rejected by their families, well, better runaways than suicides.

UPDATE: David and Jordan have been found, according to a Facebook page set up by their families:

The boys have been found! They were located in Colorado, safe and in police custody! This is Amazing news and we are so thankful for everyone that has helped! We could not have done this without the help of family/friends and social media! This is the biggest relief of our lives.

I wonder what David and Jordan are feeling right now.