This is incredibly illegal, but it's still delicious:

A person or group claiming to be hackers posted a text on yesterday claiming to have hacked all of Mitt Romney's tax records. Pastebin is normally a place where coders store information for a designated amount of time, so the individual who posted the text appears to be using the site for unusual purposes.

Anyway, whoever did it is claiming that they hacked into the Franklin, Tennessee, offices of PriceWaterhouseCooper computers on August 25. What supposedly happened is that the hacker(s) got into the offices via a person working there and accessed the computers, got the files they needed for Romney's 1040 forms prior to 2010 and copied them all to flash drives.

Two packages were then mailed to Democratic and Republican party offices in the county that included flash drives containing the document files. Both packages were then confiscated by Secret Service agents on Wednesday morning. Journos with The City Paper have seen the contents of the file but Republican officials wouldn't let them copy them for obvious reasons.

They're reportedly asking for a million dollars in bitcoins to keep the records private. Wow. Wow. Wow. What a clusterfuck. This wouldn't be an issue, of course, if Romney had just released his tax returns in the first place. And no matter what happens, this is surely going to keep those returns in the spotlight for a good long while to come. (Thanks to Slog tipper Matthew for the tip.)