Here's the Back of My Son's New High School ID


I'm confused. The student ID at a public high school has a blurb about a Catholic school on the back?
That's on the back of a public school's ID? There is something wrong with that.
That ID-printing company has a lot of 'splainin' to do.
sending the kid to catholic school is danny's plan for turning him gay.

I like the back of ours better:

The Xxxxxxx School District recognizes the diversity and worth of all individuals and groups. It is the policy of the Xxxxxxx School District that there will be no discrimination or harassment of individuals or groups based on race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, national origin, marital status, age, veterans' status, genetic information or disability in any educational programs, activities or employment.
relax, girls

this is the Beta version of Danny's post.

as soon as one of the interns gets a hold of it a discernible coherent message will magically appear.....


Would Xxxxxxx be Portland?
It looks like somebody is playing a trick on you.
This is what rich white liberals call 'school choice'. Private school for them, no choice for the lower classes.
I'm still stuck on the typo in line two.
But look! Diversity!
@13 this is the back of Dan's son's Public HS ID clearly the Catholic HS bought advertising space

Whatever happened to "if found, please drop in mailbox"?

Nope. Unincorporated neighborhoods are in different districts.
Fucking Murphy, the guy sent in to batten the hatches after the pope kicked Hunthausen out. Here's the clear winner among the pictures rotating through their front page:
Dan, apparently you can run but you can't hide. The Catholics will find you and get to you through your son. You WILL be re-assimilated back into the Catholic Fold. Good luck with that.
I need an explanation of this before my head explodes.

And... congrats Dan and Terry on being parents of a high school student. The next four years of your life are going to be hell. Enjoy.
Hell, I see you beat me to it @15, rob! You beat me like the prop tom-tom the drama department gave their "Asian-American Squanto".
I don't get it.

Why would Dan say that openly superstition-based school with inherent anti-science attitudes "sounds like a great school"?

Dan, what's going on here, why did you say such a stupid thing?
Count me among the confused. Is this a misprint, an ad, what?
HS? this seems impossible. I realize it is probably doubly impossible for you two. Mavel tov for getting the kid to this advanced age, and Dan, you are still slim and mature-hot. I thought you were supposed to go to seed when you have a kid, but you beat the odds. Dont die about the words 'mature-hot' it is a complement.

In 2002, Garfield High School's student ID's had the school year listed as 2002-3003.

Mine is still technically valid.
@4 And maybe the folks at Murphy aren't too happy with their cards featuring a statement like @8's
That's weird. The backs of my student IDs have the school's fight song.
The explanation is probably pretty simple: the id-printing company fucked up. Does anyone know anyone whose kids are at the Catholic School in question? Bet some of their ID's have the backs intended for DJ's public school.
Following the link Dan posted to the story of the lesbian couple who's son was denied admission to a Catholic school because he has two moms... I don't get why a same sex couple would even want to send their child to be educated at an institution that makes no bones about the fact that they will teach your child that your relationship is sinful.

That there are gay people who still attend anti gay churches amazes me. That they would let these churches handle the general education of their children is even more astounding. The rest of us are desperately trying to keep anti gay messages out of public schools, and yet there are gay people willing to send their own children into the lion's den to indoctrinated against them.

I'm happy the boy wasn't allowed to attend. Happy for the boy at least. He's at least saved from the dilemma of having to work out why his parents sent him to a school to be taught that his parents are sinful perverts destined for hell.
Hey, school funding is tight. They probably got a deal on war-surplus ID cards.
This looks like it's just a misprint. The ID company probably just got the mission statements from DJ's school mixed up with those from another school. The statement itself seems perfectly appropriate for a Catholic school.
Too many hy-
The ID printer only hires the best High School grads to work there.
I'm still stuck on the fact that high school students have IDs. I guess I'm older than I thought...

But yeah, this is pretty clearly a mix-up at the printer, who I'm sure was handling the job or both schools.
@35: Same here. Never had a high school ID. Maybe my town/school was too small and/or I'm just too old.
Oh hell no.

Contact the ACLU.

Don't try to preach using public funds.
It's a conspiracy AGAINST the Catholic church! How else to explain the gay enemy receiving a contraband copy of an ungrammatical mission statement with typographical errors? On the other hoof, could be Satan (not the hockey player) had a hand in this...
So all the Catholic kids are carrying around cards with the word "prepratory" on the back?

Didn't I just read about how Catholic schools are falling apart because the main source of their success -- low-wage or no-wage nuns -- has dried up and they have to hire real teachers now? Once 96%, now only 3% nuns? And they can pretty much only survive with massive cash infusions from the Gates Foundation under the guise of "charter school" experimentation?

Oh, yeah:…

Guess none of those nun-replacements can spell or write English.

I briefly attended a Catholic high school, and we got comprehensive sex ed and very little religious indoctrination, aside from having to take classes about the Old and New Testaments, but both those classes were fact-based (well, as much as they can be), even fessing up to the fact that at least two of the Gospels couldn't have been written by the apostles they're named after.

Gay issues were also a non-issue in class, and many of my fellow students were gay friendly, even in the early '90s.

In other words, not all Catholic schools are cut from the same cloth.
@35 and 36:

School IDs were pretty much a blanket policy after Columbine, and the several school shootings we had around that time. Basically, everyone just freaked the fuck out about strangers/dangers in the school despite the fact that school is statistically the safest place for a kid to be.

Fun fact: in many schools, the cards act as a sort of "debit" system, where the parents put money on it, and the kids use the card to buy lunch, snacks, supplies, etc.
What about DJ's classmates? Do their ID's say the same thing?
@35, 36 & 42, it is probably an ASB card. I had an ASB card with my picture on it from 7th grade on (in Seattle), and this was in the 70s. My kids all have/had ASB cards. They are used for all school activities, like getting into the football games for free, as well as for ID requirements.

Apparently you never had the pleasure of walking through a metal detector on your way to class.

Seattle public schools only permit themselves to sell ad space in outdoor/ sport venues. the printer screwed up.

Apparently you never had the pleasure of walking through a metal detector on your way to class.

Seattle public schools only permit themselves to sell ad space in outdoor/ sport venues. the printer screwed up.
For what it's worth, I graduated from high school in 1994 and we had IDs, though they were laminated and nothing fancy. (I also recently stumbled across mine and noted that I had written in a different birth year for myself - possibly trying to prove myself 18 for some nefarious purpose or other? I have no recollection of this.)
The main thing is that you blogged about it and didn't waste time with old fashioned solutions like "calling the school and asking them" as my grandmother would have called it.
I'm still in shock that DJ's old enough to be in high school.
Whisky Tango FUCK??1?

That is one hell of a typo! That should keep me grinning until whatever the next education-related news item may be. Those are usually a bummer.
Having worked in public schools. the "real" explanation is obvious. Schools purchase " ID Blanks" from a supply company and print their own (fronts only). . .The Catholic school in question, appalled by the typo, sent theirs back in exchange for properly printed ones which the cheapo public school then purchased at a discount.
the Catholic school likes jerking people off. they even do it via print.
This is really confusing. You say this is on the back of D.J.'s ID, which shows a policy from some Catholic school, but you say he's attending a public school in Seattle. And I am not the only one scratching her head here.

Oops!!!! Can't believe he's already in high school. Yikes, how the years whip by.
I want to see what the IDs for the Archbishop Thomas J. Murphy High School say! I'll bet they got switched and nooooobody noticed.
I would have flip the f* out. My son gets his school ID this year too. Can't wait to see it.
I hope DJ just pranked his dads... It would be so easy... Of course my son will be doing the same in 9 years, gulp.
I don't believe christian leaders know what "christlike leadership" is.
Hope you have lots of $$$$$$$$$$$ for a private school.

Dear Sir or Madam of Seattle Public Schools,

It was recently brought to my attention that Catholic Schools are advertising on Public High School IDs. This is deplorable.…

This kind of religious propaganda is inappropriate for a public school. Public schools are funded with public money for people of all religious persuasions, so lending the schools's credibility to the Catholic Church is not appropriate. In addition, the card implies that atheists are not welcome ("welcomes students of all faiths") and that an all powerful god exists ("the gifts that God has given to each student"). This is discrimination, bias and brainwashing that should be left out of a secular public institution.
Finally, adolescent people are very suggestible lot. Exposing them to seductive religious rhetoric ("welcome", "nurture", "true to the spirit", "gifts .. given", "strive... for excellence", "enrichment") is irresponsible on the part of the school administration, leaving them vulnerable to a preying third party (no pun intended). If parents or families want this kind of influence they should go someplace else, but the kids should not have that treatment at a public school.

I request that you reissue these school IDs and apologize for failing to adequately protect, respect and educate our children.

it's nuts many people on this comment thread have extremely low reading skills and think that, despite dan italicizing "public" repeatedly, he is sending his kid to catholic school.
that's the entire point of the post.
he's not.

people, come on. read.
Is someone gonna get Jesse?
There's another crime here, and it's multiple, center-aligned sentences. We need to find and reprimand those responsible.
I'd bet the catholic school had a bunch of blank ID cards lying around and the public school bought them because they ran out and some admin. thought it would be a great way to save money.
Bizarre and ironic. I suspect the public school got the cards for free when Murphy rejected them due to the typo? Who knows?!!
The question I have is how did Dan find out about this? Did DJ bring it to his attention, did DJ think it was funny? I know I would have at his age and my father would have found it funny as well.
Are you going to sue in Federal court? I would. I find that entirely offensive and it can't be Constitutional. Even if the Church paid for the ID's in exchange for advertising, that clearly breaches the separation of church and state. Make a stink savage!!!!!!!!
@40 - Out of curiosity, which two gospels couldn't have been written by the people they're named after? And why? (Were those people illiterate, for example?)
As a recent SPS grad and student government official, I believe all IDs at the beginning of the year are printed by a private company. I don't believe SPS is responsible for this. None of my IDs have had problems like this before.
PEOPLE! I'm at home all day with two young'ins who have been playing 20 questions with me for the past 10hrs while I struggle through the day with a head cold, and I was still able to understand, "DJ isn't attending Archbishop Thomas J. Murphy High School". What is there not to understand, someone FU@KED UP.
PEOPLE! I'm at home all day with two young'ins who have been playing 20 questions with me for the past 10hrs while I struggle through the day with a head cold, and I was still able to understand, "DJ isn't attending Archbishop Thomas J. Murphy High School". What is there not to understand, someone FU@KED UP.

Oh, and congrats to DJ! Have an awesome 4yrs.

Also, DJ is starting high school?!?! Fuck, I'm old. And Dan, you are SUPER old.
@61 Dear left wing stereotype. Catholic schools are not advertising on the back of IDs. It is a fuck up on the part of the printer. Your overreaction is hilarious.
I'm sure the catholic school actually meant "predatory".
Ms Kim - Yours is certainly better than most. It seems rather adult-oriented (an interesting approach) and fairly comprehensive.

I'm curious about the omission of height and weight. As two popular bases for harassment, it would surprise me if there had been a discussion and they had not made the cut. Or were they considered covered under "genetic information"?
... Wha? My old school ID just had a space for my signature and some generic thing like, "This ID is the property of and must be shown to school faculty on demand and returned upon graduation." The US is weeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiirdddddddd
Maybe the public school is doing the good work of reducing, re-using and recycling old catholic school IDs. Or maybe I'm a Pollyanna.

It falls under "genetic information".

The district added the adult-oriented section because some parents were taking issue with teachers and staff. It is now written so that every student, teacher, staff, parent, and volunteer is included.
First, your son being in high school makes me feel old. Stop that.

Second, I bet this was a mix up, and a whole slew of Catholic school kids just got a government sponsored message about tolerance on the back of their cards. Heh. Sorry that your son had to get the godly message, though...
@ 70- Most Biblical scholars, that I know of, do not believe that any of the authors of the gospels are actually known, they are considered anonymous because it was not until a century after their appearance that an "author" was identified.

Gospels are fascinating. People often only think of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, but in truth their are numerous (18) extracanonical gospels. Twenty one in total. Of course no manuscripts have been found from the hands of the original authors. It was not until the fourth century that the four major gained ecclesiastical approval, with a ruling, and became the only ones authorized for official use. So the first few century followers of "The Way" cherished more than the holy four and may have seen Jesus differently than modern day Christians.

I'll stop. This is likely more information than needed. If you are interested you can start by checking out "The complete Gospels: the scholars version" (ISBN 978-1-59815-018-6)
@ Dan,

Congratulations! I have two high schoolers now, a freshman and a senior. And, it is wonderful. Young adults are great people, in my opinion. Enjoy every minute.
Dan, your devoted and loving readership will really need follow up on why it says that shit on your kid's ID card. I'm guessing it's a mistake (also "prepratory"?! DOUBLE mistake!), but I can't for the life of me figure out how such an odd mistake would be made, one in which a completely different and private high school's mission statement is put onto your son's school ID cards. I also think our mass perplexion has hindered any other message you hoped to post about the children of gay parents.

Also, I thought DJ was like, 9 or something. Have fun!
I'm guessing the same company did the IDs for the Catholic school right before the job for DJ's school and forgot to change the blurb for the back on whatever simple design interface they use. I've done similar on double sided print jobs, but not on this scale! Congrats Dan!
@70 The timing. Some of the gospels must have been written long after Jesus (and his immediate disciples) lived. Almost all Jewish men of the time were literate in Hebrew, but the Gospels were mostly written in Greek.

Of the four gospels, the one most likely to have been written by someone alive at the time of Jesus is the gospel of Mark, who'd have been maybe a teenager at the time. You will notice that it is the shortest.
Ask for a new public school ID card for your son. One promoting academic virtues or values. How about a scrambled set of obverse pictorials of leading figures in the arts and sciences. Kids would get a kick out of comparing their "virtue cards."

Having such a religiously overtoned Catholic message on the obverse of all student ID cards is a clear violation of the principle of separation of church and state. Are we next going to have statues of religious personnas at the entryway to public schools?
According to this article, Archbishop Thomas J. Murphy may have been "scandalously" gay friendly.

"We Catholics who have been in the area longer than five years remember the legacy left by Hunthausen and Murphy — a legacy marred by scandalous activities, liturgical abuses, ecclesial defiance and a strange attachment to various left-wing political causes... the promotion of an anti-Catholic homosexual agenda while operating in defiance of or paying lip-service to the Magisterium of the Church."

"On August 10th 1995, twelve years after the infamous Dignity liturgy, St. James was the scene of another exercise in desecration as the newly-renovated cathedral hosted a funeral service for a homosexual individual by the name of Cal Anderson. Anderson was not just another confused man struggling with a tragic psychological affliction, but an embodiment of everything that is wrong with the homosexual political movement. As the "only openly gay member of the legislature," this state senator was a local "queer celebrity." He championed bills to recognize same-sex "marriages" (including the 1992 "Gay/Lesbian Civil Rights" bill in Olympia) and was prominent in homosexual fund-raisers and demonstrations. He enthusiastically supported abortion "rights" and was posthumously awarded for his efforts in this area. He and his "partner," Eric Ishino, were known among the gay community as Seattle's "first couple." Cal boasted to Seattle Gay News of his sodomization of heterosexual males while he was in the army. He even worked his way up the ranks by seducing his commanding officer.36 Cal Anderson was an unrepentant sodomite up until the very end of his life, when he died of AIDS.

Presiding over this funeral, authorized by the late Archbishop Thomas Murphy, was cathedral pastor and former Vicar General Fr. Michael G. Ryan. During the service, multiple mentions were made of Cal's "beloved partner," Eric, who processed up the main aisle arm in arm with Cal's mother before taking a seat in the front row — clearly indicating an imaginary spousal status. After several eulogies (still forbidden in Catholic funeral services) and biblical readings, a Makah Indian Chief performed a tribal chant and dance around the coffin."…
i happen to know some inside sources....real talk....IT WAS A MISTAKE. THEY PRINTED THE WRONG THING ON THE CARDS. God bless them.
What the fuck? No one at the school caught the printer's mix-up? I'll assume it wasn't intentional, but they really needed to fix it (like, look at the ID cards before they hand them out to students, then have them re-printed), as that's an illegal endorsement of religion for a public institution. In the event that it's not a mistake: