Delicious, delicious student debt: "At a protest last year at New York University, students called attention to their mounting debt by wearing T-shirts with the amount they owed scribbled across the front — $90,000, $75,000, $20,000... 'I couldn’t believe the accumulated wealth they represent — for our industry,' the consultant, Jerry Ashton, wrote in a column for a trade publication, 'It was lip-smacking.'"

Chicago teachers go on strike: 350,000 children rejoice in the nation's third-largest school district.

If you ain't got the dough-ray-mi: "For the first time in four months, President Obama won a narrow victory over Mitt Romney in the campaign fundraising race."

An interesting use of a headline: Police at the Tampa RNC temporarily trap lawful demonstrators, then decide to allow them to leave. The Daily Caller says: "Law enforcement turned the other cheek." Police don't indefinitely detain lawful demonstrators—since when is that an act of charity we should feel grateful for?

Seattle's city council thinks about backyard parcels being sold and turned into full-sized houses: "The parcels don't exist on the city's current land-use maps, and city officials say they may have been created for tax purposes, not construction. They were grandfathered in when the land-use codes were written in 1957, but only uncovered over the past few years by resourceful developers."

Snow and "snow": Switzerland has some of the highest cocaine use in Europe. How do researchers know? By giving entire cities urinalysis tests via the sewage systems. Fascinating.

Narco-submarines: Going faster, deeper, and further.

From the department of unexpected consequences: Here's a medical research paper about how dental braces have caused brain abscess.

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