Mmmmmmmmm.... Fluoride!
Maybe you've heard, but Portland is "the largest city in the U.S. that has yet to approve fluoridation to combat tooth decay."

This could change today, as the Portland city council seems poised to approve fluoride in the city's water, despite a raging civic debate the AP outlines thusly:

The issue presents a clash between two progressive positions: the desire to improve the dental health of low-income children and the impulse to avoid putting anything unnecessary in the air, food or water.

Also: "Barnyard animals are force medicated, not human beings," said Mike Smith, a member of the Occupy Portland movement, speaking to the AP.

Aaaaalso: "I don't appreciate you trying to alleviate your white guilt by putting toxins in our water," said anti-fluoride activist Angel Lambart, according to the Portland Mercury.

And finally: "Every respected scientific committee or health organization that has reviewed the evidence on the safety and effectiveness of fluoridation has concluded that fluoridation is a healthy and effective public health practice," says Portland Mayor Sam Adams. "Onward."

Not so fast, Sam! The council hasn't voted yet, and neither has Slog. So: Hear ye! Hear ye! A legally binding, scientifically proven, tooth-decay-fighting Slog poll now commences: