TIME says the new poverty numbers are out:

Today the US Census Bureau announced that the nation’s poverty rate remained at 15% in 2011 after increasing each of the previous three year. President Obama and Mitt Romney both responded via online video messages.

Census numbers show that over 46 million people in America now live below the poverty line, including 16.1 million children. In 2011, the median household income fell 1.5% to $50,054. Poverty rates for blacks, 27.6%, and Hispanics, 25.3%, were twice as high as the rate for whites.

Here are those statements, which were directed to Sojourners, a faith-based organization for social justice, which explains all the extra Jesus-y talk:

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Thank God Romney mentioned the debt in his video. Impoverished Americans are incredibly upset about our ballooning national debt. That's a way bigger issue for them than, say, what they're going to fucking eat tonight.