Deinonychus says Feathers are as cool as bow ties and fezzes!
  • original image via Wikimedia Commons
  • Deinonychus says, "Feathers are as cool as bow ties and fezzes!"
Two of my favorite dino-nerds, Brian Switek of Dinosaur Tracking and Marc Vincent of Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs each have posts up discussing the most recent episode of Doctor Who, "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship". (You might remember that Matt Smith said his dream episode would include dinosaurs.)

Says Switek:

A friendly–or, at least, not overly aggressive–Triceratops helps the Doctor and friends out of a few tight spots. Like the ankylosaurs, though, the ceratopsid is a little bit too tubby and doesn’t run quite right. A Triceratops is not a horse.

Vincent points out:
[The creatures] that everyone referred to as 'raptors'... Alas, Doctor Who trotted out the usual silly Jurassic Park-esque bunny-handed monstrosities, virtually devoid of feathers.

Obviously these critiques are meant tongue-in-cheek, although io9 (which quotes Switek's post) notes that the episode "totally wasted its chance to make feathered dinosaurs cool." TOO TRUE.