Mitt Romney is intentionally keeping a lower profile today, having been slapped around all day yesterday by Democrats and Republicans alike. He's not attacking the president directly anymore; instead, he's just claiming that he'll be a president who provides "leadership' and a "strong military." In his spare time, when he's not accusing American ambassadors of bringing attacks on themselves, Romney is sending out e-mails making weird, self-deprecating hair jokes.

Ann likes to joke that the campaign plane should be called “Hair Force One.”

Personally, I don’t quite know what to call it, but I do know it’s crucial in getting this campaign’s message to every corner of the country. And with just 54 days left until the election, we will be putting it to good use.

I’m excited to invite two of my supporters to come on board the plane, and join me for a day on this important journey. I hope you’ll enter for a chance to fly with me.

I don’t know exactly what our itinerary will be, but if you’re one of the winners — I can tell you it will be exciting. And, who knows, maybe you and I will come up with a better name for the campaign plane.

I bet the internet could come up with a few good names for your plane, Mitt.