Gawker caught this:

"What if Ayman al-Zawahiri and other al-Qaeda leaders gave up Osama bin Laden for the express purpose of making Obama look good?" Limbaugh asked his audience..."Al Qaeda was not depending on Osama bin Laden for operational leadership," Limbaugh asserted. "His day had come and gone." Letting go of an "expendable" bin Laden would net Obama "instant political capital," and help further the militants' anti-Israel cause.

I have a theory, too. What if al-Qaeda wanted to further their cause in America? And so, years ago, before al-Qaeda even publicly existed, they recruited an alleged sex tourist with a big, blowsy voice and gave him a radio show to garner a large conservative audience. Say they positioned him to push the fringe of the Republican party further and further into religious conservatism—he'd let loose with rants against women's rights, against freedom of speech, against pacifism, and his audience would learn to love those rants—and against Constitutional rights.

Are you still with me? Now, say al-Qaeda wanted their sleeper agent to activate in 2012, and so he launched into his credulous audience a series of bizarre conspiracy theories—that the president was handed Osama bin Laden for some oblique political purpose, that the president can control the weather—in the hopes of electing two of the most prominent members of the American conservative movement to complete the transition to a theocratic, freedom-hating state? Can you imagine the forethought and devious planning that would have to go into something like this? What if—and I'm just asking questions, here—what if this theory turned out to be true?