The gloves are off in Seattle's 36th District legislative race, with Gael Tarleton and Noel Frame each trying to make the other look like a lightweight when it comes to fighting to keep more coal trains from running through Seattle.

Yesterday's final blow was landed by Tarleton, who said of Frame: "She doesn’t know nearly as much as I know about this situation." (Tarleton's campaign also alleged there's video of Frame talking, on two occasions, about her ignorance when it comes to the coal train issue.)

This morning, Frame's campaign swings back with a statement from Seattle Sierra Club Chair Dan Schwartz:

In the past few months of her first-time candidacy, Noel Frame consistently has shown more public leadership and accountability on the issue of expanding coal shipments than Port Commission President Gael Tarleton has shown throughout her two terms in office. Tarleton had been largely silent on this issue, until Frame raised it. Frame also has demonstrated a stronger commitment to our environment, public health and progressive values—something that goes a long way with voters in the 36th Legislative District, and with The Sierra Club, which is why our organization solely endorsed Frame. Frame knew her values, saw the problem, did the homework to get up to speed, and took a stand. State Legislators deal with hundreds of issues each year. This is why it is critical we elect progressive leaders who share and will champion our values proactively.

Your move, Tarleton.