Doing his best Dr. Evil impersonation, Republican state Senator Don Benton has threatened to sue Democratic state Representative Tim Probst for one million dollars, accusing his challenger of "intentionally, knowingly, and maliciously" making false and misleading statements. The threat came in a cease and desist letter (pdf) delivered from Benton's attorney.

Benton accuses Probst of lying about the senator's shoddy voting record (Washington Votes reports Benton missing 299 out of 2,469 votes since 2009, fourth most in the senate) and his shoddy performance as a former Washington State Republican Party chair (contemporaneous media reports described Benton's tenure as "brief and contentious"). But the state Dems have released a fact sheet (pdf) backing up Probst's claims.

Having been on the receiving end of bullshit cease and desist letters like this myself, it's hard not laugh. One of the candidates in this 17th LD senate race is shaking in his boots right about now. And it's not Tim Probst.