Your Seattle Forecast


Have you considered living somewhere else? Plenty of places have weather reports like that all year round.
This is not autumn. This is unacceptable. Who do I need to talk to about this weather business?
@1: hawaii & san diego maybe.

this summer is how a PNW summer is supposed to be. sun, moderate warmth, no humidity, no rain, from the beginning of july to the end of september.

Having grown up in one of those places, I think I prefer it here. In Southern California, there was nothing special about a sunny day in a year full of them. Now I treat each one like the precious jewel that it is. The net effect is a happier me, since I enjoy the summers here more than I hate the winters.
Need at least one good day of rain. This dry/hazy (with a bit of stagnate pollution) weather is flaring up some of my allergies.
This Summer has been amazing only 0.03 inches of rain since August, sure once October hits the rains will return but after this summer, thats ok.
I want my drizzle back! I want leaves to start dropping NOW! I miss shivering so bad.
I'm enjoying the summer a lot. The PNW is way above average for number of sunny days this year. The drizzle and clouds may wear on us, but it's precisely that nearly year-round dampness that gives us such a lush environment and diverse/unique ecosystem (and such beautiful summers when it's dry and sunny).

Americans are spoiled. At 2200 sunshine hours, we are one of the darkest areas in the US, but that's only because US cities are pretty sunny compared to much of the rest of the world. On average we actually have more sunshine than pretty much anywhere in the UK (London gets 1400 hours, yikes) by a fairly large margin, Paris (1800), Berlin/Munich (1600/1700), Milan (1900), Amsterdam (1700). Even beautiful Rio de Janeiro gets slightly less sun than us, and *more* rain that falls *year round*.

This is of course ignoring that many of those cities themselves are so beautiful and rich in culture that no one cares that the weather is miserable.
I'm hoping it continues this way until the end of October. The leaves will still fall from the trees, and we'll still get some brisk mornings and fog. Increasing winds and blustery weather is fine, too. Just hold the drear until November, please. I'm not ready for it.
Enjoy your final week of this!
@1 is correct. Santa Barbara is pretty much 70s and 80s all year round, with some winter rains.
@11 Santa Barbara is lovely, no doubt, but let's be honest, Dec-Mar average highs are in the mid-60's.

Grew in up in San Diego, lived in Santa Cruz for 20 years and I'm with @4, I much prefer the variation in weather here. You can't fully appreciate the absolute glory of a fine spring day, warm enough to wear shorts and sandals, if you have them all year round.

My never-left-SoCal family thinks it's "bad weather" if it's under 75 degrees and there are clouds in the sky. I, on the other hand, bring my lightest long sleeved shirts to wear for the holidays in San Diego...and swelter...every.single.year.