This afternoon, while proverbially sharing a plate of spaghetti in a bubble bath filled with Tim Burgess, the esteemed Seattle City Council member said this to me:

"KeyArena is essentially doomed."

This is unsurprising news. As everyone knows, the 18-year-old arena will be basically (more) useless once a new, shinier arena is built in Sodo. But as Burgess was explaining, the Sodo deal gives the city two or three years—along with a chunk of change—to study and plan for what the fuck to do with homely, homely KeyArena once the other arena is complete. Like shoot it in the head, raze it to the ground, and then build something else!

"Frankly, Seattle Center is a tremendous asset for our city, a tourist asset," Tim said between Lady and the Tramp style spaghetti kisses. "But the center as a whole is also losing money. What I want to do is step back and assess" what the right replacement for KeyArena would be.

But what?!??? Hopefully with an idea that appeals to locals instead of another tourist trap. "Maybe it'll become a high school," Burgess added.

The city will have years and somewhere between $2.15 and $7.15 million to spend answering that question. You and me, we don't have that kind of time or attention span, do we?

To the Polls!