This Saturday night, for the first time in history, the Stranger Genius Awards—which annually honor five artists and have typically been announced months in advance in the paper—will be revealed live onstage.

Will Dina Martina jouge the eyes from her (also genius) competition? Will Master Musicians of Bukkake splatter onto Lori Goldston and THEESatisfaction? CAN ANYONE BEAT "THE SKOOG"??

On Saturday night, we will have the answers. But however the title distribution works itself out, the moral is this: All of these people are entirely worthy of Genius Awards.

Beyond the award-bestowing, Saturday's night Genius Bash will feature the Seattle Rock Orchestra playing the music of all our Music Genius nominees (with nominee Lori Goldston joining them onstage) and a performance by Velocity Dance Center's Kate Wallich. Get your tickets here.