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Okay, Seattle, it’s STILL nice out. It’s almost October and it’s going to be 70 this weekend. So before we all start wearing slouchy beanies and artfully wrapped scarves in preparation for the long, dark, rainy season, here’s some excuses to get outside and (over-)indulge ourselves:

Fremont Oktoberfest- It’s like Halloween (dress up in lederhosen and drink too much), Thanksgiving (eat and drink too much), and Christmas (eat and drink too much), all wrapped up into one beautiful hopfest.

Seattle Greek Festival- For fans of phyllo dough and large hunks of slowly rotating meat.

International District Night Market- There will be food vendors, a flea market, dance parties, and mooncakes. At night.

Gin Cocktail Competition- Become a member of the Gin Society so you have an excuse to drink and be a snob about it.

... and more, more, MORE in our Chow events calendar.