We're still on the hunt for a crackerjack web programmer to add to our hard-working, sharp-dressing web team. We have oh-so-many things for you to do! Web things!

Despite what you might have heard or assumed or seen direct evidence of, we actually do work pretty hard over here, supporting two very popular newspaper sites, our (very) fast-growing and (very) demanding event tickets system, and a whole lot of other fun stuff.

There are a lot of smart people around here, and they think up great new ideas all the time. Our job is to make it happen. It can be a lot of work, but we find it very rewarding. We build stuff that gets used, a lot.

But enough of my yappin'. Read the full job description. If this sounds like you, let's talk. If it sounds like someone you know, tell them, and let's talk to them. If this doesn't sound like you or someone you know, but might sound like someone someone you know knows, post it to Facebook or Twitter or app.net and help spread the word. If this doesn't sound like you, or anybody you know, or anybody anybody you know knows, then your work is done.